About 5 years ago, I found myself dreaming of living small. I had started learning about minimalism a couple of years prior and it intrigued me. “You mean, I don’t have to surround myself with stuff? Blasphemy!”

But then I saw my first vardo. I was smitten.


About 4 years ago, I attended a tiny home festival in Atlanta. Touring those little abodes made my heart sing. Dreaming of finding a place to set up a home for a year or so then moving on seemed like a dream come true.


Yeah, that was the brakes on my dream. Tiny homes are not welcomed in most communities across the US and they definitely aren’t as mobile as we are initially led to believe. As a matter of fact, most places that deign to allow these micro-houses want them to be on a permanent foundation. They also want them to be corraled in very specific areas… forget privacy!

Sure, you could probably find a piece of property in the far outer reaches of a town where they don’t particularly care what you do on your property, but you still couldn’t move easily to another location.

So how do you get your tiny home on wheels?

Well, with an RV of course!

rv in the desert

Now I’ve got my tiny home on wheels. As do quite a number of others following this lifestyle. It may be a fad for some, but this is ideal for me. I’ve always had wanderlust and have been a bit of a Traveller at heart. Living in a “sticks & bricks” was difficult for me. I wanted to move often but had bought into the culture of settling down in a house.

Now I don’t settle! 😀

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