I’m less than 24 hours into my trip and have already seen some pretty interesting people. These are not the lovely people I met and spoke with… those in a few moments. I’m talking about the people many of us choose to “not see.” The people we often want to forget even exist. Maybe they’re on hard times, likely they need mental health services, but they’re people, just like you and me. I’m sure they have loved ones who think (worry) about them the same as we do for our loved ones. I’m not here to make fun of them, or to warn against them. They matter. I just don’t want to forget about them.

atlanta sci-trek sculpture

Metal Wheel

The first man I encountered in Atlanta while waiting for my bus to DC. He came down W. Peachtree in ill-fitting clothes – a pair of jeans that came up to his mid-hip area with a pair of old sports type shorts underneath – a midriff tank top with a sparkly vest. A headpiece (can’t really define it any better than that). He found a large chunk of metal which looked like it might have been a wheel of some kind. He was playing with this thing, tossing it in the air and letting it fall. Chasing it down the street if it rolled away. He eventually came to the SciTrek art installation near the bus station. Here he began trying to roll the metal wheel down the arcs of the art pieces. Unsuccessfully, I might add. After this, he disappeared down the road.

Talking on the Bus

Once we boarded the bus and headed down the road, there was a gentleman who was having a conversation while everyone was quietly napping. We all assumed he was talking on his phone with a Bluetooth earpiece or something like that. Occasionally he would get very animated, then he would quiet back down. Through the entire chat, it was truly as if we were listening to one side of an intense and interesting conversation. It was difficult not to listen as he was very loud and animated. After about half an hour of this, someone finally asked him to please keep it down or if he could resume the call at another time. Come to find out, he had no phone or earpiece. O_o Well, at least he enjoys his own company.

That’s all, just a quick peek into my trip so far. I didn’t want to take pictures of either of these folks as I didn’t want to intrude on their lives. I hope the best for them. Here’s to more interesting people and a fun trip.

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